Shark Teeth Hunting

Recently I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC with my boyfriend for his job. A few weeks ago we had some friends come and visit us and we decided to go down to the beach and look for shark teeth. We have TONS of them here!

View from our friends hotel room.

The boys hunting.

Then out of no where all these little kids started crowding around them…

Then all these adults started coming over and they had a HUGE crowd around them…

The funny part is the boys didn’t even realize all those people were around them.

Some of the shark teeth we found that day.

View from the SkyWheel

After hunting for the day we all went for a ride on the SkyWheel on the board walk. It has such a pretty view of the beach side at night.

Since that visit David and I have gone back to the beach a few times…

And we have found over 150 shark teeth!

So if you’re ever on the beach in Myrtle Beach look really closely and I promise you you’ll find some shark teeth!

Happy hunting everyone!